The Consultant

Yasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Ghaslan

Managing Director – RASIL Specialized Media Services


Yasser bin Abdulaziz Al-Ghaslan is a Saudi media professional who worked in the media and press industry since 1990. He started his career when he joined the  press team of the Italian Radio and TV assigned to cover the 2nd Gulf War. He gained a lot of experience in the area of field press coverage as he worked closely with a lot of international reporters from whom he learnt techniques of press interviews and how to explore information. Through his career he worked for several important Saudi and Arab newspapers. At the outset of his career, he started with “Riyadh” Saudi newspaper as a reporter of domestic issues while contributing to the cultural section and social investigations. Then he was among the first staff who joined the newly established economic section. He shifted to “Al-Hayat” newspaper as an economics reporter in the newspaper  regional office in Riyadh. He contributed to coverage of several economic events and met with economics leaders  from both the public and private sectors.
In 2006 he was assigned editing manager of “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” London based newspaper and director general of its office in Saudi Arabia. For two years he was responsible for the newspaper business and administrative activities.  Responsible for the editing teams, he made several interviews, the most important of which was the interview with the American billionaire Bill Gates,  founder of Microsoft company. During his management of the newspaper, he contributed to maintaining its pioneering position inside and outside Saudi Arabia with respect to readability, distribution and advertisement. Moreover, the newspaper remained the most influential paper.
In 2009 he launched (Media Note: HYPERLINK “”, a website interested in media issues. It pursues and analyses news, reports and articles written by reporters and individuals interested in various media issues: political, social, sports, economic etc.. and various media channels including visual, written and audio channels. It covers various sectors of advertisement, public relations and business organisations. It tackles overlapping issues including business ethics, professionalism, censoring and freedom of expression.
During his career that extends to more than twenty two years, he assumed several communication and marketing positions in major Saudi and international companies including the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, Faisaliah Group, New International, in addition to Hill & Knowlton, the international public relations company.
He wrote two books. The first one entitled “” … an attempt to discover the real color of red line) was issued in 2012. It was published by Riyadh Rayes House in Lebanon. The second one entitled (“Back to the Front”) was issued on the sidelines of Riyadh Book Fair in 2013. Published by the Lebanese publishers – Arab Knowledge House, it talks about features of Saudi privacy.

Professional Experience

First half of 2013: Advisor and supervisor of public relations and communication at Princess Noura University.
January 2011 – December 2012:  Chief of marketing and business development at Gulf Consulting – Qatar
March 2008 – December 2010: Executive Director of Conferences Co., an affiliate of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group
May 2006 – March 2008: Editing Manager – Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, manager of the newspaper offices in Saudi Arabia
June 2005 – May 2006: Business development manager at the Saudi Research & Marketing Group
Aug 2004 – June 2005: Manager of media services at the Saudi Research & Publishing Co.
Aug 2002 – Aug 2004 : Public Relations executive director at Hill & Knowlton.
Media instructor at Hill & Knowlton
Nov 2000 – Aug 2002: Sales, marketing and production manager at Megastar, an affiliate of Faisaliah Holding Co.
December 1999 – Nov 2000: Media manager, Faisaliah Holding Co.
June 1996 – Sep 1999: Manager of Siaq Informative Services, an affiliate of New International
June 1997 – December 1997: Economics editor at Hayat newspaper – Riyadh office
1994 sports season: Manager of public relations, communications and publishing at Hilal Sports Club
June 1990 – May 1996: Reporter at Riyadh Newspaper – Domestic issues and economics.

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