About Us?
RASIL is a Specialized media consulting services agency that provides services to individuals, ultra-small, small and medium size business enterprises to help them deliver their respective messages to the targeted audience through various communication platforms and enables them to maintain considerable public presence in order to meet their marketing objectives.
Our Objectives
RASIL Professional Specialized Media Services simply seeks to enable creative individuals  and ultra-small, small and medium size enterprises to have effective presence in the media industry that would help them achieve their marketing and creative objectives
Professionalism oriented, we offer a specific set of unique services that are new to the market in the Arab world including representation of writers and authors while negotiating on their behalf with various publishers and bookstores for the best financial and marketing offers. Other services to our clients include media advisory services, public relations strategic planning, communication, management of publications and releases with respect to editing and technical aspects, drafting  and distribution of press releases to media channels, planning of event and managing the logistics and administrative aspects, training  on various media platforms and public relations, script editing and biography writing and ghostwriting.
Our Clients
Our targeted clients are ultra-small , small and medium size firms that seek media presence, promotional services and communication with the public at reasonable prices and high quality. They are profit and nonprofit companies and enterprises that  are looking for predefined advisory services and products consistent with their requirements, capacities and objectives. We also target the community of authors and talented writers.  We offer a package of services that help the author transform the theme of his/her literature into real product in the market. Various services are offered; some of which come at the preparatory stages of the book while others come at the later stages of  final text composing, promotion and marketing..
We offer benchmarked prices, some of which are predefined including news editing and distribution to media channels and  professional training courses. Other services that fall under consultant services are calculated on time and labor factors e.g. arranging a certain event on behalf of the client, issue of publications and releases, representing an author and/or managing his/her business.